Sixty Two Facts about Jean Westbrook

1. My Middle name is Mary 2. I Live in Macclesfield 3. I was Born in Bramhall

4. I Lived in Burbage, in Harpenden and in Warrington

5. I Trained to be an Art and Drama Teacher at Padgate College 6. Ive been to Mexico

7. I was Education officer at Congleton Museum

8. I was a teacher for Cheshire County Council for 24 years 9. I am 62 years old

10. I Studied in Fredonia USA 11. I am married to Peter Henry Westbrook

12. I have many children 13. I Have two brothers 14. My maiden name was Creighton

15. I've been to Shetland four times

16. I Created The Biggest Cardigan in The World 17. I Don't like Lemon Curd

18. I Held hands with Antony Gormley 19. Ive Got a Dutch penfriend called Betty

20.I Learnt Bell Ringing 21. I Watch a lot of Telly 22. I've Got brown eyes

23. I Got a Foundation Degree at Macclefield College 24. I Collect Stuff

25. I Hit a Brick Wall but survived 26. I Danced on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square

27. I Walk fast 28. I've Been bitten by two dogs 28. I've Got an Honours Degree

29. I Love Graphic Design 30. My cat was born in Australia

31. My sister-in-law is a Stuckist 32. I like flying

33. I am A Heal Your Life Teacher 34. I read a lot 35. My mother is 90

36. They put me in Room 101 in Swansea

37. I went on a cruise for 24 days 38. I was born the Year of the Fish Finger

39. I make good omelettes but don't like eggs 40. I've got seven sister-in-laws

41. Three of my hens were beheaded 42. I lost a really nice glove

43. I have a hot water bottle almost every night 44. I like walking small dogs

45. I met Leapy Lee and his brother Derek 46. I'm a Capricorn

47. I usually have All Bran and a banana for breakfast 48. I went to Auschwitz

49. I bumpd into Eric Morecambe with a big twin pram 50. My hair is greying

51. I went to Malawi 52. I don't like walking uphill

53. Some of my friends have dumped me 54. Eating makes my nose run

55. I share a birthday with Elvis Presley, David Bowie, Shirley Bassey and Stephen Hawking

56. I knitted a tiny silk cardigan using sewing needles in Ireland 57. I like plants 58. My grandfather was in the navy during WW1 on the HMS TIGER 59. I go to LLandudno a lot

60. I'm going to Kolcatta 61. I served champagne to Harry H Corbett

62. I need a cup of tea



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